Great to see everyone in Berlin yesterday at our 2024 Germany One-Day chapter meeting!

Great to see everyone in Berlin yesterday at our 2024 Germany One-Day chapter meeting! What can we say - great papers, great discussions and everyone enjoyed meeting up.
Send in your Synopsis for the 2024 Basel meeting on 19 September Submission deadline is 30 April ‘Analysing the impact of Health Inequality: Unravelling the Business Question’ Meeting Convenors:   Ana Maria Aguirre-Arteta, Novartis Angela Duffy, Research Partnership Fenna Gloggner, Idorsia Pharmaceuticals Hannah Osborn, Pure Healthcare Strategy
‘Are life sciences in an echo chamber?’
Sidi Lemine, Jade Kite, will deliver his paper ‘Improving Messaging Resonance With AI Emotion Recognition’ at the 2024 EPHMRA Conference. This paper will demonstrate how Emotive AI can compliment traditional research in healthcare to uncover subconscious emotional reactions in HCPs.
2024 Germany Chapter meeting – You can register today!
anthony rowbottom, boxee group, will present his paper ‘DLBCL and me: a market researcher’s personal ethnographic journey’
Social Media listening is not a new innovation: however, it might not be living up to its true potential within the pharmaceutical market research landscape.  
Gregg Quy, Elma Research International, and Mohamed Akrout, Roche, will be presenting at t
Looking for ‘Picture Perfect Insights’? Then this is the paper for you.   During this paper Mike Pepp, Beyond Blue, will help you understand the true value of harnessing AI predictive visual analytics, and putting it under the microscope.
See Xierong Liu, Ipsos, present her paper ‘Optimising omnichannel customer engagement’ at the 2024 EPHMRA conference.