Devices and Diagnostics Group

Devices and Diagnostics Group
Name Organisation Name Active on which committee(s) / board? Board/Committee Role
Thomas Hein Thermo Fisher Scientific Devices and Diagnostics Group, EPHMRA Board Board Industry Member, Past President, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Aline Abravanel Genactis Devices and Diagnostics Group
Elise Kocks SKIM Devices and Diagnostics Group
Christophe Van der Linden SUAZIO Devices and Diagnostics Group
Markus Kaussen Kantar Devices and Diagnostics Group
Basil Feilding Research Partnership Devices and Diagnostics Group


  • Aim is to enhance the membership of EPHMRA by meeting the specific needs of manufacturers and vendor
  • Even though the potential scope of the working group is very broad e.g. from wound care to diagnostic platforms, it was agreed that the working group needs to cover all these areas
devices and diagnostics items

Key areas of need:

  • Overall need for information sharing for the collective good of the industry – no standardisation, no apparent gold standards and limited/no access to market data
  • Secondary data sources – Clear lack of access to market data resulting in a limited overview of market potential with some examples mentioned:
  • Collective need to better understand the diverse range of key customer stakeholders involved and the complex decision-making models (variations by country)
  • Screening guidance – with a focus on the importance of outlining the role (not relying on the title)
  • Recruitment: identifying which fieldwork agencies are recruiting through panels, can we support agencies to be building panels, feasibility of using customer lists
  • Defining the remit of primary research in terms of user studies – understanding how market research sit vs studies conducted by human factors experts