Forecasting Forum

The Beginnings

Forecasting Forum

The EPHMRA Online Forecasting Forum was set up in the second half of 2018 by Erik Holzinger of groupH and Ben Collins of Boehringer Ingelheim to provide a place for industry and agencies to engage and continue discussing topics of interest in areas of Forecasting and Data Analysis throughout the year. The idea followed a lively Forecasting Roundtable event at the 2018 EPHMRA Conference in Basel.


Today: In 2023 we count > 130 participants from 11 Pharma companies (AZ, Bayer, BI, Celgene, Eisai, J&J, Roche, Pierre Fabre and others) and 5 agencies (Kantar (Oracle), SKIM, Tudor Health, APLUSA Research, Aurum, groupH, Inpharmation and others) have participated in the forum with many joining the Friday lunch time meetings on a regular basis.

Objectives and Target Audience

The forum started with the idea of regular, easy-to-access 1 hour online meetings that discuss one or more topics that are of high interest and where comments from different organisations and perspectives add VALUE in a broader sense. The discussion so far stayed clear of any potential conflict at franchise or indication level or where member organisations may directly compete with each other. Yet, everyone has the chance to discuss views outside of the function or organization they are currently in.

2023 FF

The online meetings are for registered EPHMRA members. They are free and accessible by experienced and junior individuals with a forecasting or data analytics background.





Modus Operandi

From the outset the forum has been working along a set of guidelines that govern the interactions and describe the forum ethos – we align along Chatham House Rules to create the environment for open, honest and candid discussions.

The forum is chaired by a member of the Forecasting Forum Committee, which currently consist of 6 individuals meeting on a regular basis: Erik Holzinger/groupH, Fritz Meyer/Boehringer Ingelheim, Greg Fazzaro/AZ, Kurt Kamalioglu/Takeda, Richard Murgatroyd/Roche and Okke Engelsma/Kantar (Oracle). The committee also discusses and decides the topics to be discussed throughout the year.

Every meeting is recorded and transcribed and distributed to participants for reference as part of the offering. Members are also signed up to a DropBox space for easy-access to a repository of useful content such as historic and recent forecasting publications and papers.

Future Outlook

We intend to continue to curate a space where forecasters, data analysts, NPP individuals, academia, agencies and anyone involved in commercial decision making can learn and discuss openly relevant industry topics. Forecasting is both a science and a means to achieving value oriented business objectives. What this means, how this is translated into our day-to-day work environment and into strategy and how sometimes conflicting objectives are met, this is what this forum is about.

New techniques including AI and changing needs will continue to shape forecasting approaches and the tools we are using.

If you are interested in joining the group, the committee or like to propose topics for discussion please contact Bernadette Rogers, or Erik Holzinger,


Webinars and Discussion Forums

Forecasting Forum - log in at and then to access the recordings

2023 Webinar: Inflation-Reduction-Act (IRA) – What is the Commercial Impact? - 29 November

2023 Webinar: Supply Chain Forecasting - An Inroduction to a less well known Art - 14 July

2023 Panel Discussion: Data Collection, Analysis and Communication Masterclass - 3 March

2022 Webinar: Early Commercial Forecasting & Strategy - 15 September


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