Classification Committee

Classification Committee
Name Organisation Name Active on which committee(s) / board? Board/Committees role
Anthony Palkovic Merck Inc Classification Committee Managing Chair, Intellus Representative
Helen Harbrow IQVIA Classification Committee, New Form Codes Committee IQVIA Representative, Classification Co-Chair
Marilena Lauriola Merck Inc Classification Committee
Vijay Chand AstraZeneca Classification Committee, Data and Systems Committee, EPHMRA Board Board Industry Member, AstraZeneca, Classification Co-Chair, D&S Chair
Takayuki Ohhama Eli Lilly Classification Committee Japan Liaison Member
Layla Chen Eli Lilly Classification Committee China Liaison Member
Luciana Sobral Allergan Classification Committee
Carlos Blanco Eli Lilly Classification Committee
Radhakrishan (RK) Arora Novartis Classification Committee
James Parrish Pfizer Inc Classification Committee
Davyd Freeman Gilead Sciences Classification Committee
James Street Independent Classification Committee Specialist Adviser
Philip Reynolds IQVIA Classification Committee, New Form Codes Committee
Theresa Ormiston IQVIA Classification Committee Previous Managing Chair


  • Developing and improving the Anatomical Classification system in line with changes in pharmaceutical markets
  • Providing information to ensure the correct classification of products in secondary data supplier services
  • Responding to requests on classification issues from users of the system
  • Liaising with the WHO to ensure that the two classification systems converge rather than diverge
  • Communicating changes to Intellus (minutes, exchange of information, etc.)
  • Conducting a survey of EPHMRA & Intellus on proposed changes to the classification system
  • Reconciliation of differences of opinions in the classification of products.

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2023 CC


Comparison of WHO ATC Classification with EPHMRA/Intellus Anatomical Classification - latest version

Who we Are, What we Do - Booklet providing details of the ATC Committee and its work 

Find out more about the Classification Committee - slide deck


2025 Provisional Developments - to be updated after the June Classification Committee meeting.