The Board

About the Board

The management of the Association is undertaken by the Board, which derives its authority from the members, and is responsible for fulfilling the objectives of the Association having regard to the decisions taken by the members at the Annual Meeting.

The Board comprises the following members:

  • President
  • Past President and/or Vice President
  • Up to 5 Industry Board members
  • Up to 5 Agency Board members
  • Treasurer and General Manager (non voting)

Up to 5 Agency members may be appointed to the Board. The number of Agency Members appointed to the Board needs to be equal to the number of Industry Board members.

Members of the Board for 2022 - 2023 are shown below. The term of office is 1 October to 30 September the following year.  Vacancies are advertised to the membership and candidates asked to come forward - the voting for the Industry members takes place at the Annual General Meeting and voting for the Agency members on the Board takes place by email every 2 years. 

Karsten Trautmann
Board Industry Member, President, Merck KGaA
Thomas Hein
Board Industry Member, Past President, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Charles Tissier
Treasurer (non voting)
bernadette rogers
General Manager (non voting)
Amr Khalil
Board Agency Member, Ripple International
Ana Maria Aguirre Arteta
Board Industry Member, Novartis
Carolyn Chamberlain
Board Agency Member, Branding Science
Marcel Slavenburg
Board Agency Member, SKIM
Richard Head
Board Agency Member, Research Partnership
Stephen Potts
Board Agency Member, Purdie Pascoe
Xander Raijmakers
Board Industry Member, Eli Lilly
Vijay Chand
Board Industry Member, AstraZeneca, Classification Co-Chair, D&S Chair
Paul Warner
Board Industry Member, Vifor Pharma