The EPHMRA Online Forecasting Forum

The EPHMRA Online Forecasting Forum was set up in 2018 to provide industry and agency members with a place to discuss topics of interest in areas of Forecasting and Data Analysis. At present, there are 130 members in the forum, including 12 from industry and 5 from agencies who meet online twice a month.
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How about exhibiting at our UK online event in March? Looking for ten member companies to support us in our first online custom platform based event - just 100 GBP for a booth. Do get in touch to find out more -
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11 February 2020 A further Country Update: This Update is a notice of the on-going exchanges concerning the entry into force of reinforced anti-gift restrictions and in particular about the interaction physicians/CNOM/IDAHE 2 platform.
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2021 MR Awards - take a look at how to enter - it's a fantastic opportunity to showcase the projects you have been working on.
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The Learning & Development Committee have updated the publication Referencing Data and it is now available to members.
Let's give a big Thank You to our Conference Steering Committee