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Is telemedicine beneficial for all healthcare conditions, or could this be a good time for pharma to revisit the patient journey and address any gaps?
Gareth Phillips, CEO.
Following the company’s acquisition by Inizio last year, Research Partnership has appointed healthcare market research veteran Gareth Phillips as CEO. We ask him why he took on the role and what his thoughts are on the future of the market research industry within the life sciences sector.
Paul Reed, Director and Basil Fielding Associate Director, Research Partnership
by Jelena Bebić, Senior Research Consultant Healthcare, Point Blank Research & Consultancy
by Marietta Fernandes, Associate Director, Research Partnership
by Harrison Gaiger Marketing Manager, Research Partnership

by Ben Lorkin – Senior Director at Day One Strategy
By Dr. Anne-Sophie Lenoir Director, Branding Science
by Dr Anne-Sophie Lenoir, Branding Science
Shedding New Light on clinical trial perception in the wake of the coronavirus crisis
Covid-19 – Accelerating Digitalisation in Healthcare (June 2020)
Mobile Research - applicable and beneficial for research with physicians?
Customer experience in medical devices (June 2020)
AI powered insight to generate ideas at superhuman speed (March 2020) by Day One
Can Digital Market Research be the Enabler of Patient-centricity? (March 2020) by Borderless Access
Tender Analytics (2) - Relative importance of produce quality versus price in medical capital equipment tenders (March 2020)
Understanding the PCP Dilemma (March 2020) by BuzzBack
Alexa, process this data for me. (March 2020)
Author: Bors Hulesch Captain, Brains and Cheek
Authors: Daniel R. Hoffman, Ph.D. President of Pharmaceutical Business Research Associates (PBRA). and Allan Bowditch, Former CEO of Martin Hamblin Healthcare and a consultant to
Authors: J. van de Sande, F. Shelley, M. Francis from Suazio Consulting, Antwerp, Belgium
How to dramatically increase IVF protocol compliance? Interplay between medical culture, physician's communication style and patient's health literacy.
One arena where the benefits of mobile research have combined to especially good effect is conference research. With the advent of mobile research, it suddenly became possible to achieve a hugely valuable mix of standardised comparative evaluation, multimedia submissions and indepth qualitative feedback in rarefied conditions where key target customers are really thinking hard about how the future will play out in an area of medicine. Enabling longitudinal research through the pre- and post-conference phases also allowed for some very clear measurement of congress impact and the effect of individual announcements, booths, company presence etc. on delegates’ perceptions.