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Business Insights, Conjoint analysis, Demand assessment, Forecasting /Modelling, Market access, New Product Development, New Product Research, Pricing / Reimbursement, Product profile testing, Quantitative

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United Kingdom

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Leveraging decades of research and experience, Inpharmation provides innovative market research solutions designed and validated specifically for the pharmaceutical industry.

Commonly used demand and pricing methodologies are designed for consumer goods and are therefore less helpful for generating insights for pharmaceutical products.

Clients choose to work with Inpharmation because:
1. Our projects are led by industry experts.
2. Our expertise spans demand and pricing research, as well as forecast modeling.
3. Our approaches are time and cost efficient.
4. Our results are more accurate and more reliable. For example, Inpharmation's pharma-specific conjoint achieves standard errors of less than 5% with only 20 respondents.

You will receive flexible deliverables to handle product profile, comparator, competitor entry and future landscape uncertainties. If clinical trials readout differently than expected, you don't need to panic!

We work with 75% of top 50 pharma companies and have expertise across all therapy areas, from mass market through to ultra-orphan diseases. We have access to all key respondents (HCPs, payers, patients, etc.) and to respondents in all major and developing countries.

Contact us at to discuss your research needs with one of our consultants. View our project case studies at

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Kim Robinson

Job title: Director of Business Development and Marketing