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CATI, Communities - HCP /Patients /Digital, Data Collection Field Services, Field Management, Fieldwork, International / Global Research, Moderation, Qualitative, Recruitment, Web assisted interviews

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United Kingdom

More about us

Healthcare Research Hub was created in 2015 to provide our clients with an extensive network of professionals, local agencies and online panel provides all in one single point of contact.

We combine our team expertise with the coverage of our network to increase our international reach and the feasibility of our projects.

Running a project to stringent deadlines is demanding. It requires people to work flexible hours and be available for contact when required. Since the Hub combines a talented network of professionals from around the world, we tailor your contacts based on your project's requirements.

Healthcare Research Hub is committed to providing the highest standard of services. We adhere to the requirements of ISO9001, ISO20252 and the Market Research Society Code of Conduct.

Understanding our clients' needs and required research is key to the successful delivery of our high expectations. Our Project Plan will summarize the project expectations and key factors involved int he research.

We always follow our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). This guarantees a consistent approach to research and for excellence in quality control.

Our Operations team cares for the triple constraint of any project: Scope-Budget-Schedule.

Main Contacts

Pierre Salvy, Director of Operations