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Data Analytics, Fieldwork, In-depth Interviews, International / Global Research, Market understanding, Panels, Product profile testing, Quantitative, Reporting Presentation & Data, Translation Services

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Medical Collective Intelligence (MCI) is a healthcare market research and consulting agency based in Japan.

MCI works closely with most of the major pharmaceutical companies on over 600 qualitative and quantitative projects annually, using our own panel of physicians and pharmacists that represents a wide range of therapeutic areas. Based on our extensive experience in carrying out various types of studies, we can provide expertise on the markets in Japan, including those that involve audiences who are difficult to reach, such as treaters of rare diseases. We have a team of in-house consultants, analysts, moderators, and programmers as well as our own interview facility, adding agility and flexibility to the research we conduct.

For pharmaceutical companies that have an affiliate in Japan, our team will be able to communicate seamlessly with you and your affiliate for a successful collaboration. For those who do not, we can provide information on the Japanese market and provide linguistic support to facilitate your research.

For research agencies who are looking for a partner to collaborate with, we can discuss specific services you would like us to provide. Our services cover all aspects of fieldwork in both quantitative and qualitative projects, which would mitigate your burden of having to work with multiple agencies.

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Yoshitaka Mikawa

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Hiroyuki Sakurai

Job title: Head of Global Research
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Maki Itazu

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