Speaker Guidance Notes

On behalf of EPHMRA, thank you very much for accepting our invitation to speak and we very much hope that this will be a highly successful event for all of us!

Here are some details of how we will work together on events.

So, your paper has been accepted by the Convenors – what next?

So firstly we will allocate a Session Chair for your paper and then set up a kick off call.  As part of the process, EPHMRA organises online calls so that we can run through your paper, manage content with you and discuss logistics.  We will need you (and a co-speaker if relevant) to participate in these meetings so that we are all fully prepared for the event.

Just to ensure we are all aligned, we would like to highlight:

As part of the selection process, EPHMRA assumes that the author has ensured that permission has been obtained from clients or other third parties to present the information contained in the presentation. You are indemnifying EPHMRA and will ensure that EPHMRA is not held liable for any claims from clients or other third parties incurred by the author’s failure to obtain permission to use information. The authors should also be sure that there is no infringement upon the copyright, right of use or any other right of intellectual property under any circumstances.


We will include your paper on our programme with the speakers outlined in the synopsis. We appreciate that sometimes there needs to be a change of speaker – but EPHMRA would need to approve the new suggested speaker before being able to confirm that the paper can continue to feature on the programme.


Powerpoint is used and we have a template which is provided and this must be used.

However, we encourage multimedia presentations so please check if you intend to use any film clips or music as you will need to have received approval and pay any royalties due (EPHMRA is unable to pay these royalties).

Company logos are only allowed on the first slide and must not be larger than the featured EPHMRA logo.

Contact details etc should not feature anywhere on your slides or be verbally mentioned during the presentation.

Slide decks will be re-produced for the membership in their entirety and can't be edited down by speakers for distribution.

EPHMRA produces a write up for our Newsletters on your paper and we publish this.  usually prior approval by speakers is not sought.

Feedback from our delegates has shown that they do not appreciate presentations being in any way promotional for your company or services. EPHMRA has the right to not proceed with your presentation should your presentation prove promotional.



Number of Speakers

EPHMRA accepts a maximum of 2 speakers per presentation submission, panels and debates can of course feature more speakers. All speakers must feature on the submission form.

Speaker Registration Fee - In-person event

Important Note:  All speakers need to pay the conference registration fee - EPHMRA is unable to waive the conference registration fee or fund any associated travel or personal expenses. Speakers need to register themselves for the event.

At the event papers will:

  • Be presented in English
  • Be presented using the EPHMRA conference PPT template, which will be sent following acceptance onto the programme
  • Have a speaking slot of 20-25 minutes + 5 minutes for Q&A


Presentation Structure:

  • Opening/title slide
  • Speaker bios
  • Sometimes a background slide is included

The above slides are managed and presented by the convenor. The convenor then hands over to the Speakers; feedback has shown that delegates need to have the ‘key takeaways’ at the end of the presentation. Please allow approximately 3 slides at the end of your presentation to show the key learnings from your presentation. What is it that the audience can do differently back in their office as a result of your paper?

At the end there should be a slide that says Q&A on it and the questions are managed by the Convenor with the audience. For online meetings, the questions will come in via the chat.


For in person events

Please do attend the event in good time on the day so we have the opportunity to ensure your slides are loaded up properly/any videos are playing fine and we can then during a coffee break show you

  • the layout and set up of the meeting room
  • how to change and advance the slides
  • the microphones
  • how the Q&A will be handled with the roving microphones


For online events

The platform we use is Zoom.

You will be invited to log on to the platform early for a technical check and to make sure your sound is good as well as any videos can play.

On zoom, all presentations are recorded and we then edit the videos (mainly the start of each video) and put them in the members area of the website or on a private password protected vimeo channel.

Recording files cannot be shared with you or downloaded.


Attendee lists

Due to data privacy, we are not able to share any attendee contact details and in addition, we do not issue any delegate lists (GDPR considerations).



We share paper recordings wth our members on our web site - only available for members.  These recordings are shared in our entirety and can't be edited down or changed.  We also are not able to provide copies of these recordings.