This is your call to send in your synopses for the 2024 Basel meeting on 19 September

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Jul 09, 2024

This is your call to send in your synopses for the 2024 Basel meeting on 19 September - Submission deadline is 19 July

Meeting Theme: Analysing the impact of Health Inequality: Unravelling the Business Question

How can we reflect an overall holistic perspective in our insights work in the current rapidly changing political, social and technological environment?

How can we ensure our strategic insights are representative?

We are further looking for 2 or 3 papers for the meeting on the following specific themes:

• How can we be more inclusive and promote inclusivity in market research?

• How to evaluate consumer preferences and attitudes: Evaluating consumer preferences, attitudes, and decision-making processes to better understand their needs and expectations.

• Is the use of ‘tech’ eg apps, wearables etc making patient research inclusive or exclusive? Does ‘tech’ marginalise some patient types?

• What is the role of social media and online communities: Discussing the role of social media platforms and online communities in primary market research, harnessing valuable insights, and managing online reputation.

Other details: Paper presentation time is 20 minutes plus 10 minutes for Q&A. Total time is 30 minutes.

In addition we will plan to have extended networking times during coffee and lunch breaks. Submit your paper ideas on our online form:

Convenors for this event:

Ana Maria Aguirre-Arteta, Novartis

Angela Duffy, Research Partnership

Fenna Gloggner, Idorsia Pharmaceuticals


Hannah Osborn, Pure Healthcare Strategy


Sanjana Bose, F Hoffmann La Roche