MR Excellence Award Winners - Listen to the Webinars

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Aug 02, 2022
MR Excellence Award

In June our 3 Award Winners held member webinars. You can now catch up and listen to their fantastic submissions.

1. MR Excellence Award – Innovative Approach

Novel Approaches to Engagement: Finding and Leveraging the Patient Voice. Winners: Kate Melbourne and Dominique Cummuta, BioVid

2. MR Excellence Award - Future Leaders Case Study

Rare Diseases Drug Development: 3 case studies at different stages of the drug lifecycle: Winner: Sarah Cooper, Branding Science

3. MR Excellence Awards – Business Impact

Developing a Clinical Trial Engagement Strategy. Winners: Kim Kallsen, Boehringer-Ingelheim and Christopher Recaldin, Branding Science

The webinars are hosted on our Vimeo channel – log in to the members' area on the website, then head to resources and then webinars to pick up the link and password.