Data Protection Training - Available to EPHMRA Members

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Oct 16, 2023
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Available to EPHMRA members:


Data Protection Training!


The aim of this course is to enable delegates to understand the legislation and apply it to the research and research healthcare context.


The learning outcomes and objectives of this course are:


• Understand how the EU GDPR is structured and learn the definitions, concepts and principles of the legislation;

• Learn how non-EU countries have adapted and applied the legislation, particularly those markets covered by the EPHMRA Code;

• Understand how GDPR and similar legislation applies when collecting data for healthcare research.


The online training covers:


a. General introduction,

b. Planning and designing healthcare research,

c. Data collection,

d. Data Analysis,

e. Data Retention and Storage.


The training course is very comprehensive and there is also a competency test.


Certificates available for successful training completion and test success.