2022 Conference in June - join our keynote speaker - Nick Southgate

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Jun 08, 2022
Nick Southgate

'How to talk to people who perform “Emotional Labour” about emotion'.

That's a topic we will be addressing at the 2022 Conference in June - join our keynote speaker - Nick Southgate, who is an award-winning researcher and communications expert who has worked in research and advertising for over 20 years. 

We are often challenged to get inside the ‘emotions’ of healthcare professionals in the belief that this understanding will help us better communicate with them.

This talk will try to get past this simplistic view that an emotional connection is a desirable or superior basis for communication and ask how using insights from behavioural science will show how better insights make it easier for research and communications to support the emotional labour healthcare professionals have to perform.

As a result of this talk, delegates will understand our need to rethink how we talk about emotional connections with healthcare professionals and hear ideas on how we can more effectively uncover those higher-level values that drive behaviours.

Register for this event here: 2022 Annual Conference | EPHMRA