Webinar: How to get more from your ATU

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Jun 11, 2024 14:15 - 15:00

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Speakers: An-hwa, Sr. Director, Basis Health and David Twinberrow, Managing Director, Genactis

In part one of our 2-part ATU webinar series, we will discuss the strategic importance of ATUs for the pharmaceutical industry to monitor brand performance and provide an overview of best practice when doing ATU research. The webinar will present a case study to discuss different approaches and scenarios of ATUs.

- What is the purpose of an ATU?

- What strategic key decisions does it inform? - How does it shape brand launch and plans?

- Best practice running an ATU How to run an ATU?

- Understanding the business context and answering the key objectives - Methodology - Considerations for questionnaire design

- Considerations for reporting

- data visualization, story telling and alternative outputs