EPHMRA Webinar: Doing market research in Mexico

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May 28, 2024 15:00 - 15:45


Hilary Worton, International Business Unit Director, APLUSA

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Join us for an informative webinar which will focus on giving our members some hints and tips about ‘Doing market research in Mexico’, covering the healthcare system, sampling, accessing respondents, key factors to consider.



Speaker: Simeon Pickers, Psyma

Convenor: Hilary Worton, APLUSA and LDC member

About Simeon Pickers

German expat with a biography between Europe, Africa and Latin America. Simeon heads Psyma’s Latin American projects since 2008. Simeon blends his background with specializations in market research to unlock the complexities of Latin American markets for international and domestic clients alike. He holds a degree in Computer Science in Media (Furtwangen University) and a Master's in Internet Business from the ISDI in Mexico. It is Simeon’s mission to help international brands and companies make better informed decisions in and around the Latin American markets.