EPHMRA Training How to effectively engage & influence when presenting virtually

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Apr 30, 2024 14:00 - 15:30


Alexander Rummel, Managing Director, Aurum Research GmbH
Marcel Slavenburg, Senior Director, SKIM Europe

Event details

Speaker: Caroline Florence, Insight Narrator

Convenors: Marcel Slavenburg, SKIM and Alexander Rummel, Aurum Research – both LDC members

This members only 90 minute online training session will teach you how to plan and deliver high impact virtual debriefs and presentations. It will help you understand how to effectively engage and influence the audience even when stakeholders have back to back meetings and are prone to distraction. The session will provide you with multiple techniques for priming your audience ahead of the debrief, engaging the audience from the outset of the meeting, and balancing the need to deliver content with encouraging active listening, interactivity and participation.


This event is free to members.


 The need to consider how you engage the audience both before and after the debrief to set yourself up for success

The importance of being crystal clear in your debrief objective and your strategy for managing expectations and dealing with tangents The value in only using 50% of the meeting time to take them through the charts so you have less emphasis on broadcasting facts and more room for reflection and discussion around insights and recommendations The value in strategic pauses, questioning and verbal cues to encourage active listening and participation The importance of incorporating different techniques into your delivery to encourage high quality feedback, questions & debate from everyone, including introverts

 Learning Outcomes

 Learn how to plan, prepare and deliver an effective virtual debrief Discover easy to implement techniques that will build your confidence in delivering virtual debriefs that add value to the audience Improve your facilitation skills with best practice hints and tips that encourage reflection, conversation and decisions