EPHMRA Webinar: How a Growth Mindset Will Bring Out The Best In You

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Nov 07, 2023 14:00 - 15:00

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Speaker:  Tony Brooks – The Leadership Psychologist

Convenor: An-hwa Lee, Basis Health & LDC member

This session will cover the following:

The differences between a Growth Mindset and Defensive Mindset Why we go defensive and how it blocks our progress How a defensive mindset can create blind spots in our own self perception How to give and receive constructive feedback in a way that facilitates growth Why everyone’s ideas matter and what blocks these from coming forwards How we can learn from our mistakes and not repeat them Building a culture where mistakes and vulnerability are shared Co-Creating solutions to challenges rather than feeling isolated Pushing through challenges on a continual path of improvement What we can learn from challenging conversations About the Speaker

Tony Brooks is an experienced Leadership Psychologist, Coach, Author and recognised as an  inspiring and impactful Speaker on Leadership Mindset and Survival Psychology.  Throughout his continuing work on himself, his psychological studies and his experiences with 1000s of leaders, Tony has come to one very important conclusion: He believes the number one difficulty leaders face is their own thinking and the underlying challenge of not feeling good enough resulting from our survival thinking.