2023 Survival Psychology - How to recognise it, manage it and not let it hijack you! 24 January

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Jan 24, 2023 14:00 - 15:00


Tony Brooks, Leadership Psychologist, Coach, Author
An-hwa Lee, Senior Director, Basis Health

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The session will cover the following:

Where Survival Psychology originates from


Why it can be so dominant and hijack us as a leader or business person


5 key ways in which survival thinking can impact us


Imposter Syndrome – which will make us lose confidence and not make the most of great opportunities!


Defensive Mindset – where we take things too personally and don’t grow from mistakes and challenges


Negative thinking and self-talk – which can keep us in a doubtful and negative spiral


The damage done by Ego – both to ourselves and other people around us


Tribal Behaviour – the dangers of silo, us & them and breakaway tribal behaviour in organisations


We will look at all 5 areas but also cover the fact that these are all symptomatic of the root cause - Survival Psychology and the challenge of ‘not feeling good enough’ in many areas of our lives.


The session will cover real life examples and challenges, with application within the specific industry.


You will go away with tools to use in all 5 areas to significantly reduce the impact