Harnessing the Power of Semiotics to Decode Weight Loss

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May 03, 2022 15:15 - 16:00

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This webinar from semiotics thought leader and expert Rachel Lawes will focus on a case study: How to sell weight loss using semiotics. Comparison of the marketing communications around contrasting WL brands and solutions reveals their strengths and weaknesses. While the global obesity crisis worsens, the reasons why people find WL difficult, the way they think about their problem and the kinds of WL solutions they respond to are all culturally specific. Brands do better when, instead of simply trying to differentiate themselves from other brands, they additionally pay attention to the local, cultural issues that influence people’s ability to recognise, take up and use WL solutions.  This case study will illuminate the added value semiotics can bring to understanding the patients’ complex physical and emotion relationship with their health and weight.

Rachel will also look at: What is semiotics? A short and handy guide to the two stages of semiotics: bottom-up and top-down. Bottom-up is about decoding signs and symbols and reveals the meanings conveyed by ads and packaging. Top-down is about decoding society – revealing the past, present and future meanings of ideas such as "obesity", "body positivity" and "working on" one’s health.
So, what are the FAQs for researchers? When in the research cycle should you use semiotics? How are semiotic findings validated? Can anyone do semiotics and how would a researcher get started?