Germany Chapter Meeting 20 April 2023

Germany Meeting
Apr 20, 2023 09:00 - 17:00


Katja Birke, Managing Director, Produkt + Markt GmbH & Co
Yannick Rieder, Manager Market Research & Competitive Intelligence, Janssen /Janssen Cilag / J&J
Barbara Lang, Point Blank Research & Consultancy

Event details

2023 Germany Meeting - on 20 April 2023 “Shaping the future of MR together”

Call for Speakers - Submission Deadline: 9 February 2023

Please submit your ideas using the online form here:

We are happy to announce the 12th Germany Chapter meeting for 2023 which will be held as an in-person meeting in Berlin at the BETAHAUS.

The 2023 German Chapter Meeting is all about celebrating market research in its different facets. Get inspired and exchange with likeminded market researchers on approaches which generate impact. This year we will commit more time and sessions to networking as interpersonal exchange come off too short in the last years. The Betahaus in Berlin is an intimate location and exactly the right place to connect.

This year we don’t focus on a specific topic but would rather like to encourage you to share and discuss with a group of market research experts exciting research pieces or just burning questions / topics and challenges that are relevant for your company and team.

The topics and sessions should only have one thing in common: being impactful and relevant for your business – in whatever way. This can be an example of engaging participants in an increasing difficult environment for MR or about how to create impact in your company. It could also be a classic research piece or an innovative methodological approach or even a burning question where you would like to get input from other market research experts and start a discussion. Besides presenting your best case, you have also the opportunity during breakout sessions to deep dive, discuss topics and brainstorm further ideas with your peers. So we are not only looking for papers, but also for discussion topics!

Feel free – and inspire the audience and encourage a lively and controversial discussion!

Based on the feedback and industry trends, the conveners have developed a broad frame of topics which are of interest for the meeting:

How to motivate and engage HCPs / Patients to take part in Market Research? It’s sometimes hard to get participants motivated and it has become even harder to recruit for F2F interviews. However, quality of market research also relies on the motivation of the participants. We are looking for interesting approaches which are engaging for participants and sometimes even fun. Examples of F2F market research, but also quant/qual online market research are very welcome. Simply great market research approaches! It doesn’t always need to be innovative to be impactful. Besides some lighthouse projects, most of the time we are all working on robust and well thought out market research projects. Now is the chance to let them shine. Show us your studies which are a reliable foundation for taking decisions! From Insights to Actions It’s one thing to conduct a great study but something different to get people working with the results and take actions. How did you overcome this challenge or are you still struggling with it? Shaping the Future of Market Research The world is becoming more complex with the rise of new Go-to-Market models, more communication channels to orchestrate and the implementation of new customer-facing roles, just to name a few trends. Does this entail the need to develop new approaches and establish new tasks for market researchers? What are the burning questions you are confronted with? Did you manage to answer them?

These are only our initial thoughts - we want you to be inspired to develop your own ideas which reflect the new world of business analysis. We welcome suggestions for other topics – so don’t feel you have to keep to the list we have included here!


It is great to have variety in our conference in terms of presentation formats and so feel free to suggest whether your submission would work best as a:

• Presentation • Panel Discussion • TED Talk • Brainstorming Sessions • Etc

For the discussion topic we will provide breakout sessions at the meeting, where you will get 20-30 min. to raise a burning question and brainstorm with your peers. The session is held by you. The convenors will support you on how to arrange the session, if needed.

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One ticket price 400 Euros

The meeting is held entirely in German with no translation available.

Registration is currently only available to member companies.  This is because tickets are limited.



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Rudi-Dutschke-Straße 23