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As we look back at the 2024 EPHMRA Conference, we would like to take the chance to thank our Conference exhibitors for a wonderful agency fair.


Here are the members who took the opportunity to exhibit:


- elma research

- Fine Research

As the dust settles on 2024 EPHMRA Conference... we just want to say it was great to see everyone in London this week.

What can we say... great papers, great discussions and everyone enjoyed meeting up.

See Paul Griffiths, Client Advocates present his paper...

‘How Agencies and Pharma clients can collaborate to make sure that research and insight is seen as an investment, rather than a cost’ at the 2024 EPHMRA conference.


The biggest determinant of your health is your postcode.

Multiple studies have highlighted various factors that contribute to healthcare inequalities, with policymakers, charities, and patient groups committed to addressing the determinants of variation in outcomes.

Sidi Lemine, Jade Kite, will deliver his paper ‘Improving Messaging Resonance With AI Emotion Recognition’ at the 2024
See Xierong Liu, Ipsos, present her paper ‘Optimising omnichannel customer engagement’ at the 2024 EPHMRA conference.
Picture Perfect
Looking for ‘Picture Perfect Insights’? Then this is the paper for you.


As we look forward to welcoming our delegates to the 2024 EPHMRA Conference – Here is you reminder that this is your last opportunity to exhibit at the Conference.

We would also like to take the chance to thank our Conference exhibitors.

Social Media listening is not a new innovation: however, it might not be living up to its true potential within the pharmaceutical market research landscape.

anthony rowbottom, boxee group, will present his paper ‘DLBCL and me: a market researcher’s personal ethnographi