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Agency Membership Fee Level

Note: Those applying for the membership level of 1 employee must be one-person companies only. The membership is linked to the person applying for membership only and is not transferable to another person/name. Thus you cannot apply for this level of membership even if you are a company with just one person working in pharma market research - you need to apply at the 3 employees level or above. This is for single person companies/consultants etc.

Employee Numbers

Your membership application is based on the number of pharma/healthcare market research executives you have working for your company across all your affiliates/offices and sites. By employees is meant: Executives working in pharma/healthcare market research – from the most junior (eg graduate trainee) to the most senior (eg President, CEO, COO, Chairman etc etc). If the executive works only partly in healthcare (as well as in another sector) they must be counted in the pharma/healthcare market research employee numbers. Part time employees can count as a half person. Long term contract employees should also be counted in numbers. If you list executives on your web site to indicate they are part of your team/resources then these should be counted.

In applying for membership the company understands the: 1. Terms and Conditions of membership as outlined on this web site. Member benefits are valid fr the duration of the membership year. 2. Employee numbers on which the membership fee is based are correct at the date of applying and will be verified by EPHMRA. The company herewith confirms application has been made at the correct employee level. 3. Invoice payment procedure and penalty fees apply for late payments. All information submitted to EPHMRA remains confidential.

The number of registration accesses for the online training platform cannot exceed the number of employees declared – if you registered as being a company of less than 15 employees then 15 is the maximum number of different people from your company who can apply for the online training platform during a membership year.

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