2024 Provisional ATC developments

Provisional 2024 EPHMRA ATC Developments

The following new class structures were voted on by EPHMRA/Intellus in May/June 2023 and agreed in principle. These structures will now be used in the next part of the development process which is the detailed refinement of the rules.

Please note that these new class structures are provisional at this time. The 2024 codes, descriptions and Guideline text will be finalised and published by the Committee at the end of 2023. The new structures then come into effect from the beginning of 2024.


Classes affected are:

Drugs for constipation

New fourth level class in A6A (Drugs for constipation) for peripheral opioid receptor antagonist laxatives (currently in A6A9).


JAK inhibitors – cancer-specific

New fourth level class within L1H (Protein kinase inhibitor antineoplastics) for products containing JAK inhibitors that are mainly for cancer. Currently, these products are classified in L1H9 (Protein kinase inhibitor antineoplastics, other).


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