2019 President Award Winners

The voting was very close:

  1. Winner: Anton Richter, M3 Global Research
  2. Runner up: Mattias Blomgren, Janssen
  3. Joint 3rd place: Georgina Butcher and Carolyn Chamberlain of Purdie Pascoe.

Congratulations to our winners. 

So, who was nominated for the Award in 2019?

  • Carolyn Chamberlain, Purdie Pascoe: Carolyn has always been an active member within EPHMRA and has championed its importance both internally and externally at all of the companies she has been a part of.
  • Georgina Butcher – former Board member and Ethics Committee Chair.  Georgina is a long standing EPHMRA supporter and has been involved with the Association for many years now – always happy to share her experience and expertise.
  • Mattias Blomgren from Janssen heads up the Market Research Centre of Excellence at Janssen. Mattias has ensured that market research continues to be embedded in the decision making process at Janssen, underpinning strategy development across commercial activities. In addition to his day job, Mattias sits on the EPHMRA Ethics Committee and is an active contributor to the organisation.
  • Anton Richter, M3 Global:  Anton is a very strong EPHMRA supporter and always happy to help out with advice and expertise.  A very experienced representative of the data collection member companies.
  • Piergiorgio Rossi, SGR International:  Piergiorgio has contributed greatly to EPHMRA.  He was an original AM Board member and has been on the Code Steering group from 2009 and then has been on the Ethics Committee for many years now. 
  • Amr Khalil, Ripple International:  For many years now Amr has been an active member of the Programme Committee, maintaining this voluntary role whilst also running a boutique market research agency.   Last year Amr further cement edhs commitment to the Association by becoming a Board member.