Enquiry Form

EphMRA Members can submit an enquiry about the Code of Conduct to EphMRA and this will be assessed and answered by EphMRA. EphMRA welcomes enquiries as this helps to improve our Code. There is no charge for this service as it is a Member benefit.

You need to submit your enquiry via this online form.

Please kindly note:

1. A written answer to your question will be provided by email. Telephone queries cannot be answered.

2. Most questions can be answered within 3 working days. However some may take a little longer as we may need to consult other sources to help with the answer.

3. EphMRA may contact you by email or phone to request further information or clarification in order to answer your question.

4. The reply given by EphMRA is not legal advice and if a legal opinion is required then you should seek this separately.  EphMRA cannot be held liable for any reply which is subsequently found to be incorrect - we give our reply base don our best endeavour and knowledge.

After submission and answer, enquiries may be fully anonymised and feature in the FAQs which are included on the web site.

Thank you in advance.