Speed Networking 20 January

13.30 UK time

Looking to make new connections?

All welcome (members and non members)
– free to attend –

Fancy some networking at speed?
Join us on 20 January at 13.30 UK time – for some fun networking in a 30 minute slot.
How’s it going to work?

First, register – and it’s free!

Join our zoom on the day - please join and keep your camera on - that's a must!

After a brief introduction we randomly send you into a zoom breakout room with other attendees (could be 2 -4 other people - depends upon how many connect on the day).

You’ll spend 6 minutes in this breakout room – enough time to introduce yourself and find out if you want to have a conversation offline.

You’ll then come back into the main zoom room before being sent into a different breakout room to meet other people!

In 30 minutes you’ll (hopefully) meet colleagues in 3 different breakout rooms.

Register now and see let’s see who you might meet!