How to use the latest technology to conduct market research in the age of COVID-19 and beyond

Presented by: An-hwa Lee, Claire Fradet Aubignat, Mandira Kar

Advances in digital technology continue to change how we do business, interact and communicate. Research Partnership has always embraced innovative digital methods for conducting market research. Now, in the midst of this global pandemic, it has become imperative for all of us to accelerate use of digital tools. However, can virtual methodologies give us the level of insights that commercial teams require to make strategic decisions? And what does the future look like for digital research in a post COVID-19 world? In this presentation we outline some of the digital methodologies that can best be used to meet your research objectives throughout the product lifecycle. From market assessment and understanding through to launching your brand and beyond. In particular, we focus on qualitative digital methods and discuss a range of tools including online communities and bulletin boards, virtual IDIs and groups, backroom brainstorms, WhatsApp and our proprietary mobile techniques. In addition, we explore digital ethnography methods and platforms that are not only immersive and bring insights to life, but provide an additional depth of understanding.