2013 Conference: Welcome and Opening of Conference. Dr Thomas Hein (EphMRA President and Vice President Global Market Research Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals, Germany)

Objectives of the Conference 2013:
- Networking, establish new contacts
- Debating issues that affect the way we work
- Exchanging best practice approaches
- Developing ideas how to shape the future of market research

Marion Wyncoll, Themis Analytics and Kathryn Jones, Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation

Parallel Session 1: Turning the ocean liner using a few speedboats and a great navigator

Market Research must stop playing it safe and become Explorers - exploring areas for growth, exploring breakthrough ideas, exploring the real business impact.

Marion and Kathryn concluded their presentation with four key takeaways for Market Research:
1. Be both research savvy and commercially savvy; show your business acumen
2. Frame decisions to be made and what the potential financial implications might be; cost-side or revenue
3. For an RFP think about the financial implications of the results
4. Convert conclusions and recommendations to potential financial values where appropriate.

Megha Kalani, Philips Healthcare and Jemma Lampkin, SKIM

Parallel Session 2: Quality in, quality out: Building value propositions for the medical device business

Megha and Jemma summarised by comparing their experiences with the pharmaceutical industry and medical device market research, seeing several parallels. These being:
• Lack of databases for comparison
• Niche and specialty markets -> small samples, complex markets
• Committee driven purchasing processes
• Difficult to reach samples

In summary, in order to get the most out of value proposition research it was felt that the following needed to be kept in mind:
• Dissect your VP into its constituents so you know which part drives value
• Measure commitment via TERM
• Set and test against action standards
• Conduct meta-analyses to continually improve your value proposition processes and create benchmarks

Bob Douglas, Ethics Lead

Professional Standards Group: Code of Conduct Update

Update on:
- Code of Conduct 2013
- Adverse Event Reporting & EMA PV Guidelines
- Compliance Network
- Plans

Industry Debate Speaker: Allan Bowditch, The Trust Alliance

Faster, Better, Cheaper – Evolution or Revolution in Data Collection?

Make sure you have the right foundation in place!

Allan kicked off this session with a provocative presentation aimed at highlighting some really important issues facing data collection at the moment. Allan’s basic premise was that if you don’t have good quality data collection then any research findings, conclusions or recommendations could be flawed.

Speaker: Jack Gallagher, Clarity Pharma Research, USA

Faster Better Cheaper Evolution or revolution in Data Collection
Representing the inconvenient: Greatest data collection hurdle

Key fieldwork challenge requires internal and external solutions

This brief presentation will focus on:
- The pervasive use of non-probability samples to collect pharmaceutical survey data.
- Why this is a vital problem needing transparency and attention.
- The need for increased cooperative action to encourage development and sharing of comprehensive, accurate master lists of physicians and other types of target survey participants (sampling frames) in EphMRA members’ nations.

Speaker: Kim-Fredrik Schneider, WorldOne

Faster Better Cheaper Evolution or revolution in Data Collection

Kim-Fredrik focused on his observation that fieldwork quality has traditionally been about reducing error and suggests that we should be moving away from the scenario of ‘Negative Data Quality: The absence of error’ to ‘Positive Data Quality: The presence of valuable insights’.

Speaker : Guy Rolfe, Kantar Mobile, UK

Faster Better Cheaper Evolution or revolution in Data Collection

Collecting insights via mobile

Esme Holt, Healthcare Research Worldwide (HRW) and
Tom Oakley, Cambridge Design Partnership

How to Open a Can of Soup

Esme and Tom talk about the importance of conducting usability research during the device development process

Simon Barnes, Boehringer Ingelheim and Ketki Gupte, Verilogue Inc

Keys for Advancing Patient Empowerment in the Future

The key conclusion that Simon and Ketki shared was that better communication is vital for patient empowerment as with this comes a greater understanding of the condition and the treatment.

Peter Dorff, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals and Charu Chaturvedi, Affinnova, Inc

Evaluating Market Research by Maximising ROI

In their paper Charu and Peter explore the seemingly insurmountable problem of how to address all the possible combinations of headline, strap line, visual, clinical data, benefit statements and so on, that make up a product promotional piece.

• Role of Research: Order Taker to Strategic Partner
• Strategic Advancements: A Case Study of the Research Spectrum
• Measuring Systematic ROI - Return on Insights
• Conclusions/Questions

John Shortell, Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Inc. and
Jackie Ilacqua, Ipsos Healthcare

Innovation in Rich Understanding of the patient journey

Today’s Agenda
• How Understanding the Patient Flow Leads to greater opportunities for Marketers
• Combining Syndicated and Custom research to illustrate the Patient Journey
• Case Study: Melanoma Patient Journey
• Benefits and Rationale for this Multi-Stakeholder, Multi-Disciplinary approach
• Conclusions

Lee Gazey and Di Adams, Hall & Partners

T detailing. Is Tablet selling killing the art of detailing

As all major pharma companies use tablets to detail their customers, Lee and Di address, in a thought provoking presentation, whether this technology is really killing the art of communication - both personally and professionally and how companies ensure that their messages are being effectively conveyed

David Smith, DVL Smith and Dimitrios Tsourougiannis, Astellas Pharma Europe

Enhancing business consultancy skills

David and Dimitrios’s paper provided a look into the future of market research to suggest that we must enhance its value to internal and external customers. In a highly competitive market place, market research is facing a period of both great opportunity and challenge.

The Challenge
• Differentiating brands in a competitive marketplace requires customer insight professionals to provide winning solutions.
• The pressure is on to unearth strategic insights that create business
growth. Expectations are high with the arrival of ‘Big Data’.
• The traditional ‘market researcher’ must now embrace a new skillset.

Thomas Hein, EphMRA President and Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals and Sheetal Ranganathan, Evalueserve

Market Research Offshoring Experience Driving Miss Daisy or Driving me Crazy

Dr Thomas Hein of Bayer Healthcare and Sheetal Ranganathan from Evalueserve presented both customer and supplier perspectives on their Market Research offshoring collaboration.

Parallels were drawn with the Oscar-winning film ‘Driving Miss Daisy’, where a working partnership overcomes initial resistance; growing and maturing over time and transcending cultural differences.

While there are already plenty of papers available on the technicalities of offshoring, this paper shared the experiences of real-life collaboration, outlining the ways in which offshoring can be beneficial for all stakeholders: encouraging out-of-the box thinking, broadening horizons and imbibing a greater willingness to embrace change.

Barbara Lang, Point Blank International and Petra Leiding, AstraZeneca

Going further – going together! goes here 4 Hypotheses on how to increase future value based on market research

This paper opened with a challenge to the audience, to change their mind-set in terms of how they deliver market research. Stop behaving like service providers and work more collaboratively as a partnership!

2013 Conference Debate The Future Is Bright The Future Is MR Stuart Cooper, Adelphi Group

This debate will explore the future of our industry - are we going forwards or backwards? What do we need to do to make sure that our future really IS bright?

Drawing from experts in market research from agency and pharma, as well as experts in ‘future thinking’, this final session will be thought provoking and entertaining and will end the conference on a high note.