2008 Conference Breakout Session 1 Has Online Research In Healthcare Gone To Far Nigel Burrows Et Al

Has On-Line Research Gone To Far
• That is the question!
• Is the question irrational?
• What should be the question:
– How can we improve on a new and widely used methodology?

Breakout Session 2 How Will Developing Healthcare Environment Alter Skills Employed In Mkt Research Steve Mcdermott Et al

Chaired by Steve McDermott – McThinking and Lorna Walters – Reckitt Benckiser and featuring David Smith (DVL Smith Group)

This session sought to identify which skills future market researchers
will need in order to effectively inform the pharmaceutical industry. David Smith, via video, spoke about current and future industry changes, pointing out that the pharma and healthcare industry will face many of the same challenges already in front of other industries. Market researchers will need to “stretch” their skills, offering customer-driven insight that utilizes old and new techniques to inform and guide decision-making.

Breakout Summarys: Has online research in Healthcare gone too far! Or does it still have much further to go?

Chair: Nigel Burrows, IMS Health. Speakers; Piergiorgio Rossi – SGR
International, Andreas Moeller – Answers Pharmaceutical Marketing
Research, Jerry Arbittier – All Global, Asif Javed – Medefield.

Billed as “Mission Impossible” the hot topic on the current and potential future role of online research provoked an action-packed debate between those agents on both sides brave enough to accept the mission to defend their beliefs!

Richard Vanderveer

Conducting Revolutionary Research In Prep For An Evolutionary Pharma Mkt

Five Clues to Identifying Revolutionary Research
- Reality, Not hype
- Genuinely Global Marketing Research to support Global Marketing
- Study issues, not just products
- Will finally research and define how to make better use of 'E' media in pharmaceutical marketing
Research and develop "Pharmaceutical Marketing 2.0"

Steve McDermott, McThinking

Men in Black - you know the difference between you and me? I make this look good

EphMRA are also pleased to welcome Steve McDermott a highly motivational, memorable, energetic, charismatic speaker. As well a being an expert on strategies for success, Steve also specialises in helping individuals and organisations become more creative and innovative

Saeed Motahari
Moving Mkt Research To The Forefornt Of The Pharma Organisation

I Background
II Role of Marketing Research
III Prerequisites to elevating the role of marketing research
Closing Thoughts – How do we know if Marketing Research
is at the forefront of the organization?

Saeed Motahari,
Moving Mkt Research To The Forefornt Of The Pharma Organisation, Revised slides

I Background
II Role of Marketing Research
III Prerequisites to elevating the role of marketing research
Closing Thoughts – How do we know if Marketing Research
is at the forefront of the organization?

Michael Kelly, Consumer Health Sciences and imap Research

Stop Screening Out Poor People

• Cross cultural attitudinal and health outcomes comparisons
• Impact of socioeconomic status on the attitudes and health outcomes of the population in the USA and EU

Patient-oriented research has been tooted as being very important for many years – with limited impact on research budgets and a focus on reality. And within patient research, the focus has seldom rested on the lower social strata.

Is it “mission impossible?” Not so for Michael Kelly.

Jack Bush, Alcon Laboratories
‘Taking a Scientific Approach to Pharma Advertising’

As most who have worked in this industry for a while will know,
advertising testing can be conducted in a variety of different ways – both qualitatively and quantitatively. In his paper, Jack outlines a technique that he has championed internally at Alcon and one that has been used extensively in the fast moving consumer goods arena and successfully adopted into the pharmaceutical research setting.

Allan Bowditch, Ziment & Graham Lewis, IMS Health

The Future

Allan and Graham drew on the Star Wars movies as the theme for their presentation of the future of pharmaceutical market research. Dressed in costume, and sparring with light sabres, Allan and Graham transformed into Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi addressed both the ‘dark forces’ that threaten our industry, and the opportunities which present themselves as we fight back.

There were several threats to our industry that were highlighted:
- Procurement
- Data Protection
- Adverse Event Reporting
- Promotional Research
- Payer Pressure
- Local pricing and regulatory decision making
- Political change in USA
We have to understand these emerging threats We have to understand these emerging threats and must be prepared to respond aggressively and must be prepared to respond aggressively to these developments that could impinge on to these developments that could impinge on our way of life in the years ahead

Bob Douglas, Synovate Healthcare & Nigel Burrows, IMS Health
The Past & Present - Evolution: a journey from the past to the future

Using video material, and again referencing movie material, the main events in the history of pharmaceutical market research were highlighted in a very graphical and amusing way.

The three drivers of evolution:
- curiosity
- Courage
- Fear

Graeme Chrystal, Zaicom Research & Neil Mcphee, Nuance Research

2008 Conference: What Lies Beneath Using Advanced Techniques To Understand Consumers

This paper set out to highlight how the use of advanced qualitative techniques in data collection and analysis and in particular ethnography, might provide a better understanding of consumer motivation and behaviours.

David Pearl, David Pearl Group
You The Movie

David has been a professional performer since the age of 9 so in Barcelona he was well placed to open the conference and pick up on
the theme, ‘A Night at the Movies’ to provide an entertaining and engaging presentation on the powerful connections between organisational evolution and the mythic structures that underpin movies. As the title above suggests, the presentation was about us as individuals and how we can make a difference and take control of our lives, using movies as the metaphor