Uwe Hohgräwe – Johnson & Johnson and Bärbel Matiaske – GfK HealthCare

Consumer Insights For Clinical And Marketing

How to collaborate with Marketing, Health Economics and
Clinical Research to provide significant analysis to support the drug development process as well as marketing strategy. How Rx products can be positioned in the competitive environment of OTC products and which consumer techniques can be harnessed to add value. How a market research agency aids this collaboration in an innovative way.

Thomas Hein Schering AG And Lisa Heideman SKIM

How To Implement Market Research Into The Strategic Business Process

Reaching out to those boardroom decisions was the hypothesis and our keynote opening paper from Thomas Hein of Schering AG and Lisa Heideman of SKIM Analytical Healthcare set the scene. The thrust of their argument was that if you, as a Marketing Researcher, add value to those boardroom decisions, you should be involved in them for the benefit of the Company

Olaf Schaefer, Accenture Insights

Insights From An Outside Perspective

Does market research need to rethink the scope of its activities? Olaf will offer several hypotheses for MR in the future, with associated advantages and disadvantages.

Kurt Kessler ZS Associates

Marketing Research as an Integrative Function

Presentation of a real consumer case study that highlights many of the best practices in action as we exhort ourselves as pharmaceutical marketing researchers to ‘add value’. Outcomes from the case
studies are instructive to the ‘traditional’ pharma area.

Kai Bruns – Lilly Gmbh – Germany And Dieter Korczak – GP Forschungsgruppe - Germany

The Sheep in Wolves Clothing

• Setting the Scene: a Product, Patients and the Health Care System
• Solution Method: Sample
• Results: Therapeutic Landscape, Knowledge, and Expectations
• Prospects & Learnings: Usability for the Company, the Patients and the Health Care System

How marketing research results can leverage health outcomes
discussions. A case study of how market research can help argumentation against further cost reductions by health political measures by demonstrating a strong need for a substance group
which prevented hospital stays and other direct care costs.

Bob Douglas Synovate Healthcare

Maximising Information Collection and Use

How should market researchers adopt new ways of working and new skills to provide the insights required to address the increasing complex Pharmaceutical business. How do we ensure that our skills
increase to measure the increased complexity?

Thomas Kopf – Beiersdorf and Bernhard Treiber – Treiber + Partners

Modelling Advice-Seeking Behaviour of Pharmacy Customers

This presentation will bring together two emerging fields of innovative research activity. Firstly intelligent agency technology, to allow researchers to model the advice-seeking and information gathering behaviour of consumers in so-called Tutor, Mentor and Advisor Systems. Secondly the field of virtual-reality applications in
marketing research, to study how consumers seek and utilise critical information for relevant purchase decisions

Mark King – Back Bay Strategies

Quantifying the ‘Halo Effect’ for Alternative Registration Strategies for a New Cardiovascular Drug

How marketing research identified a patient cohort which
maximised the halo effect across all other cohorts, while saving a year in development and $80 million in development costs.

◼ MR spending early in development can save $ and time
◼ “Rocket science” is understanding clinical trial trade offs, not MR tools
◼ Web enables more complex research
• Faster and better, not
• Faster and cheaper

Markus Koester – Merck KGaA

Reaching Out... And it Helps When Our Hands Meet in the Middle

A provocative look at the future for the Pharmaceutical Marketing Research Function from viewpoints of Pharmaceutical Company,
Agency, Younger and Older

Stephen Godwin – Synovate Healthcare

We’ve Been Here 100 Years What Price The Next The Next 20

Objectives of this presentation
‘Components’ for pharmaceutical industry survival
How they may impact our own functions To be thought-provoking