Alain Pelc – IMS Health
Applying Data Mining to Longitudinal Patient Data

• What is Patient Data?
• Questions to be answered with Patient Data
• IMS Patient Data Services
• Data Mining - Put knowledge into Patient Data
• A practical example
• Data Mining: tips and pitfalls
• Conclusion

Andy Bryan – IMS Health
The Millenuium Bomb

• The problem
• Year 2000 in health care
• Assessing and managing the risk

Cathy Swift
AGM, Ephmra Website Report

* Rome feedback positive
* Decision to continue
* Updating
– conference
– lexicon
– statutes

EphMRA Classification Committee report

David Holmes - THEMIS
A Survivors Guide to the Information Revolution

David Lewis
Managing the Effects of Information Overload

EphMRA Foundation Board Report

➔Support + fund projects in the international healthcare business intelligence field
➔Increase the benefits of EphMRA membership
➔Improve the image of market research
➔Adding funding from agency membership

Raf de Wilde, Conference Incoming President Opening Speech

Market Research Mission:
The function responsible for collecting, analyzing and presenting data by transforming them into actionable recommendations for optimal Decision Making

Market Research Ultimate Goal:
Provide Added Value to Strategic Marketing by
Identifying Opportunities and Minimizing Risks Associated
with Sales & Marketing Decisions

J Niessing - Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH,Germany
EphMRA New Form Code Committee Report

Janet Wagster - Zeneca
EphMRA Hospital Data Committee Report

- To identify the sources of hospital/patient data. To establish the strengths and weaknesses of both in and out patient data covered with regards to therapy.

- To work with suppliers to monitor and control current and future hospital information developments. This includes improving the reliability and quality of information and
addressing market dynamics. Also ensuring that the information meets clients business needs.

John Turner & Scott Robinson – CSC Healthcare
Leadership Through Innovation – Exploiting Groupware in the Pharmaceutical Industry

• What is Groupware
• Two Key Trends
• The Challenges
• The Virtual Organisation
• Groupware, The Value Add
• Case Studies
• Summary

Keith Foster – Cap Gemini
Using Corporate Knowledge for Effective Sales & Marketing

Martine Leroy-Sharman – NOP Healthcare
The Patient as a Customer

1998 Conference PRM&T Committee Report

To maximise the potential of new methods and techniques in Pharmaceutical Primary Market Research !

Raf De Wilde – EphMRA President
AGM Ephmra President's Report

- To champion change
- To increase membership
- Status quo with PBIRG

Current issues
- New Executive Members
- Relationship to IMS Health
- Final Statutes
- Roll-out of Foundation
- 2001: AMM & Foundation Workshop?

Robert Kendall - ReBus
Creating the Buy-In for Effective Implementation

Buy-In Questions
1) Do I trust it / them ?
2) Is it relevant / of benefit to me ?
3) Is it worth it ?
4) Am I going to take any action now ?

Introduction to Conference Session 1 (wed pm)

Managing the Information Revolution

Introduction to Conference Session 2-3

Managing the Information Revolution

Introduction to 1998 - Conference Session 4

Managing the Information Revolution

Simon Fitall – Taylor Nelson - Sofres
New Rules in Information Management

Actions - Agencies
Agency people need to expand skills
– whilst retaining specialist skills
Learn new methods
– not just vocabulary
– not just alternative ways of doing the same thing
– real strengths and weaknesses

Actions - Companies
Don’t panic
Use your agencies
Look at technology with a positive eye

Stefan Jung – Solvay Pharmaceuticals
Adding Value to the Product Team

Tim Ramsdale – Citizen 1 Software (Europe) Ltd

Monitoring & Mining the Chaotic Internet for Effective Market Research in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Topics of Discussion
- Healthcare Industry and the Web
- The “Invisible” Web - The Hidden Mines
- Important Web sites for Market Intelligence

Tom Brookes – e-Com

Lifecycle of Net Based Technologies

Technology and the Information Revolution

Ephmra Treasurer's Report

1996/7 Financial Summary

Uwe Hohgrawe & Christine English

Marketing Research and Clinical Development – Acting in Concert?

… the question put by EPHMRA was:
“Do Market Research and R&D work closely together to bring these molecules to the market?”
... AND in the majority of cases the answer is...
Yes they do ...

Werner Gorath
EphMRA Medical Sales & Data Committee Report