MR Excellence Awards - 2022

The 2022 MR Excellence Awards

EPHMRA colleagues are engaged in a huge range of healthcare market research initiatives, studies and projects and the Board wants to take this opportunity to learn more and to enable members to show case their expertise.


Making a Business Impact

Christopher Recaldin, Associate Director at Branding Science & Kim Kallsen, Global Head of Patient and Site Engagement at Boehringer Ingelheim

Developing a clinical trial engagement strategy to make Boehringer Ingelheim the sponsor of choice for sites and patients


Future Leaders – Case Study Award

Sarah Cooper, Senior Research Executive, Branding Science Group

Focusing in on rare disease drug development: 3 case studies at different stages of the drug life cycle


Innovative Approach

Kate Melbourne, Director, Insights & Strategy and Dominique Cummuta, Manager, Insights & Strategy, BioVid

Novel Approaches to Engagement: Finding and Leveraging the Patient Voice.

Award: Innovative Approach, Sponsored by AplusA 

A plus A logo

 At AplusA, we are proud to sponsor and support the Innovative Approach Award again in 2022. Events of the past months have demanded our healthcare market research community to be more innovative than ever.  This award is a great opportunity to put the spotlight on new ways of working and how this impacts healthcare business decisions. We eagerly anticipate the contributions.

Daniel GUERIN - Innovation and Marketing Director

Award: Future Leaders Case Study, Sponsored by Blueprint Partnership

Blueprint Partnership logo

Personally I’m thrilled and very proud that Blueprint Partnership are sponsoring this critically important award for the second year running. The next generation of leaders in our industry must possess unrivaled tenacity, resilience, commitment to their goals, with an eagerness to learn, develop and self-improve for the good of themselves, the company they work for, their clients and the future of our Healthcare Research Industry.

Carolyn Chamberlain - Commercial Director

Award: Making a Business Impact, Sponsored by Adelphi 

Adelphi Logo

Adelphi are proud to be involved with, and contributing to EPHMRA and its great work, by continuously sponsoring the MR Excellence awards since 2017.  We chose to support the ‘Making a Business Impact‘ from the start, because after all that should be the ultimate purpose in all we do, and in bringing better healthcare to our communities and success to our Research and Innovation based industry. We look forward to receiving, judging and selecting the winning contributions.

Stuart Cooper - CEO

So, how do we judge the Awards?

Judging criteria are:

All Award submissions will be judged according to these criteria:

  1. Clarity of the message conveyed
  2. How well the message was presented and conveyed
  3. How engaging will the message be
  4. How new and innovative is the approach outlined and the added value provided by the presentation
  5. What is the level of the business impact resulting from the study
  6. The paper provided clear and tangible takeaway message

For the Future Leaders Award we will also look at:

  1. To what extend the three case studies presented represent a good breadth of challenges and solutions/methods (to assess ability of working across different business issues and methodologies)
  2. How clear was the personal contribution of the person within the overall research success?

For the Business Impact Award:

  1. To what extent did the idea in the submission impact the business, i.e. address the problem?
  2. Evidence of the impact (e.g. in terms of changing strategy or improving patient/HCP experience)
  3. Breadth of stakeholders involved.

For the Innovative Approach Award:

  1. To what extent did the submission offer a new and innovative approach to address a business need.

Huge thanks to our Judges who, in 2022, freely gave their time to judge the Award submissions.

  • Aline Abravanel - Genactis
  • Carolyn Chamberlain - Blueprint Partnership
  • Charles Chaine - AplusA
  • Chris Lewis-Deboos - Strategic North
  • Daniel Guerin - AplusA
  • Rachel Pughe - Adelphi Group
  • Hannah Mann - Day One Strategy
  • Kelly Warth - Instar Research
  • Niclas Holmes - Brains and Cheek
  • Rob Seebold - Buzzback
  • Robert Cortese - Elma Research
  • Vrinda Deval - Glocalmind

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