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About Us:
Our journey started with a vision to build a different type of market research services company. One that could build teams, systems and processes that specialised in executing the most challenging healthcare data collection and data management projects worldwide.

The demand for our services exceeds supply, but most importantly, we have built a reputation amongst our clients as their go-to partner for their most challenging projects. Our client service levels are the best in our industry, and as we continue to invest ahead of our growth curve, we are widening the gap between our competitors and ourselves.

What we are most excited about is our future. By embracing change and taking advantage of advances in technology, we expect to continue to grow rapidly.

Our USP:
From our connected Healthcare Interviewing Centre we talk to the most challenging, almost impossible to target respondents, ranging from Payers in EU to Healthcare Specialists in the US and Lab Directors in Brazil. The respondents who participate in our surveys are major influencers within their companies, their industries, and the overall economy. Demand for their opinions is high but getting access to them is difficult; they are hard to find and even harder to interview.

They do not join online panels to conduct surveys. And they are not responsive to telephone calls from inexperienced call centre interviewers, who they assume are telemarketers.

We have developed a different type of call centre solution, one that is 100% specialised in recruiting Experts and Hard-to-Reach Healthcare Professionals from around the world. We’ve created a different type of experience for both the interviewer and the respondent which results in higher levels of cooperation and success with difficult studies.

The Respondents:  
Hospital Managerial  
  • Lab or Other Department Managers
  • Purchase DM
  • Purchase Supply Chain
  • KOLs
  • Medical Director
Ultra-Hard to Reach  
  • Hospital Trust
  • HMO C-Suite
  • Regional/National Payers
  • Health Policy Makers
  • Clinical Trial DMs
Hard to research Surgical  
  • Neurosurgery
  • Cardiac Surgery
  • Transplant Surgery
  • Many others.
Core Markets  
  • USA, Canada, UK, Germany France, Italy, Spain
Developed Markets:  
  • Nordics, Benelux, Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, Ireland, Belgium
Developing Markets  
  • LATAM, Turkey, Russia, India, China, Malaysia, Egypt
Hard to Access  
  • UAE, Israel, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Korea
*These are our main markets (representing >90% of client requests) among the more than 60 we serve.  
CATI, Phone-to-Web, List Recruitment, IDIs, TDIs  
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We love to describe the heart and soul of SCR, where our clients are the soul of every project, and our respondents are the heart.