Quality and relevant data is the core to the success of market research. Since foundation, Mayland Research has been dedicated to offering accurate and reliable data collection which fulfill the needs of our clients in qualitative and quantitative research. Through large volume of panel and database, Mayland have capability to provide excellent fieldwork of healthcare studies in full range of methodologies.

With hands-on experience and local knowledge, Mayland create comprehensive solutions of healthcare research throughout China. We deliver access to more than 50k verified HCPs for both consultancies and research agencies across the globe. We are well connected with physicians, patients, KOLs, and other professionals to keep our clients engaged with their attitudes and behaviour in pharmaceutical use, equipment procurement, etc.

World-class services have been Mayland's promise and pride. All fieldwork are supported by an expertise team with a single point of contact who work very closely with clients from start to finish. From recruitment to full service, moderation to facilities, traditional methods to new technology, Mayland tailor our services to your specific needs for each individual project.