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Asia Research Partners LLP is a premier independent Asian research network driven by the core values of proficiency and reliability. Our endeavor to be the most sought after name in Business and Market Intelligence Solutions and a dynamic team of spirited researchers, consultants, and analysts, reflect our commitment to strategic and insightful information that supports the growth of our clients across industries and geographies.

We are aggressively focused on Primary and Secondary Market Research, Survey Programming, Data Coding and Data Analysis. We specialize in all Quantitative and Qualitative methodologies varies from Phone / Online / Face to Face surveys to Focus Groups, In-depth interviews, Diaries to Ethnographic interviews in all Asian countries such as China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, India, Australia, New Zealand to name a few.

We have strong panelists database of medical and healthcare practitioners along with Hard-To-Find patients in Asian Countries.

Our intervention bears the whole scope of Medical and HealthCare actors

•             General Practitioners

•             Private Practice Specialists

•             Nurses

•             Dieticians

•             Dentists

•             Pharmacists

•             Hospital based practitioners

•             Hospital Pharmacists

•             Hospital Purchase managers

•             Surgeons

•             Radiologists

•             Cardiologists

•             Oncologists

•             Ophthalmologists

•             Gastroenterologists

•             Nuclear Medicine Doctors

•             Interventional Radiologists / Cardiologists

•             C-Level Executive (CEO, CMO, Director etc)

•             Industry Experts

•             Consumers (patients, shoppers, students, alumni, subscribers)

•             Associations members and many other specialties

The universes of therapeutics in which we are intervening the most frequently are :

•             Anti-biotherapy

•             Anti-inflammatory, pain killers

•             Anti-hyper cholesterolemia

•             Radiology

•             Gynecology

•             Cardiology

•             Dermatology

•             Oncology

•             Immunology

•             Ophthalmology

•             Asthma

•             Neurology: Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer

•             Diabetes

•             Many others