Calander Icon14 January 2020
Calander IconStart time: 13.30 - 14.30 UK time

Event description

Webinar Speaker:

Andreas Erkens, PhD

Dr. Erkens Consulting Group
[email protected]

Andreas is an experienced management executive within pharmaceutical business and health care area with advanced experiences emphasising sales, marketing, business development and leadership. He held various management positions including Managing Director and Marketing Manager.

Andreas holds a diploma (M.Sc.) in Biology with a doctorate in Chemistry (Ph.D.) and served as member of the advisory council or member of the board at renowned medical societies and organisations and leads as managing director official offices of different health care organisations.

As frequent speaker and moderator at congresses, conferences, workshops and advanced training events, he has held lectures on scientific, medical, economic, marketing and sales topics.

Webinar Convenor:

Alexander Rummel

Aurum Research and LDC member
[email protected]

Alexander is a dedicated researcher with more than 25 years' experience of international healthcare research.  Throughout his career, Alexander has designed and supervised a multitude of studies. He has used a variety of multivariate techniques for positioning, market simulations, forecasting, and pricing. Over the years, he has become an acknowledged expert in international market research.

Alexander holds a Master's degree in Political Sciences from the University of Bamberg, with special focus on healthcare systems, psychological and social research.


This webinar will inform participants on the fundamental differences between positioning and messaging, thus the consequences for designing market research.  It will deliver insights in the process of brand building in pharma with an example of good practice for positioning and message research. It will also show how market researchers can support this with their market knowledge, involving the customers, finally supporting need orientated brand development.

Rationale for webinar

In daily marketing practice, the terms positioning and messaging are often used synonymously, but this can be the source of many misunderstandings. It can lead to wrong conclusions and poor customer responses. If one tests messages without a clear positioning (as a foundation), it is analytically impossible to distinguish between the right positioning of the product and the appropriate wording of messages for the target audience.

  • Product positioning is the act of identifying and communicating what a medical product can offer, to whom and why it should be adopted, and what differentiated benefits will accrue to prescribers and patients so that the brand will occupy a distinct and sustainable competitive position in the mind of the target customer. The overall objective is to ensure that new brands differentiate from competitive products to meet the marketing goals.
  • Messaging is the means for communicating the product benefits and claims to the customer. The main goal of messaging is to convey key brand attributes which address customer needs within an optimal story flow that resonates with the target audience to motivate behavioural change.

Market research is required to test both the core elements of product positioning and what will effectively communicate the product offering.  New approaches in pharma brand building derived from consumer research suggest that there is a need for a more customer-centric brand development process in an increasingly challenging pharma market environment. These include both tangible and intangible benefits, which need to be tested by market research for implementing and monitoring a successful brand strategy.