Calander Icon07 November 2019
Calander IconStart time: 13.30 UK time

Event description

This webinar will focus on an overview of product and project lifecycles as well as outlining the role of market research.

The pharmaceutical product lifecycle
Development stages are critical in the lifecycle of a pharmaceutical product as they include testing to see whether the drug in question is efficacious and safe.  The pharmaceutical company will then move on to working out the correct dosages, side-effect management and tolerability of the drug.
Various stakeholders are involved through the lifecycle of a pharmaceutical compound. These include the regulatory authorities and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) who are particularly important in the pre-launch and latter development stages.
The role of market research
Market research is undertaken to find out what customers want so that a product can be successfully provided for them.  Insufficient market research can have major negative financial and reputational implications for a company.

Convenors: Jana Rueten, Director of Operations (UK), M3 Global Research and Chetan Taylor, Brand Scientist, Branding Science

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Jana Rueten

Director of Operations (UK), M3 Global Research
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Chetan Taylor

Brand Scientist, Branding Science