This programme has been specifically developed for less experienced colleagues and includes 3 online courses which are available in the online training platform.  For these 3 courses a certificate of completion is available to save and download.

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Introduction to International Pharma MR Online course   The role of market research within the pharmaceutical industry is paramount to the marketing success of pharmaceutical products. All pharmaceutical companies need to maximise their products' performance within the marketplace, and this requires a high level of market research information and analysis. Market research has always been key to the success of pharmaceutical companies and products, but today and in the future it is even more important and the importance will certainly increase.
Research through the Product Lifecycle Online course   Pharmaceutical companies are always facing new situations. The competitive business environment in which they operate is constantly changing. Companies develop new products and new promotional strategies. Prescribers and users respond to changes in economic, social and legislative systems by changing their product use patterns. New organisations, affiliations and initiatives are continually being born. All these provoke management to ask questions. These questions need answers. Answers that you as a market researcher are expected to find. This course is designed to help you to improve the quality of research you do, avoiding the common pitfalls that lie between a brief from your in-house client and reporting the results of your research.
Managing a Research Project Online course   This course aims to demonstrate why market research is important and provides an overview of different methodologies that any project might incorporate throughout the lifecycle of a product. The course also looks at the key influencers to research and most importantly effective presentation delivery of the research.
Webinar: Basic Skills:
Project and Product Lifecycle

Jana Rueten, Director of Operations (UK), M3 Global Research

Chetan Taylor,
Brand Scientist, Branding Science

7 November at 13.30 UK time to 14.30hrs

This webinar will focus on an overview of product and project lifecycles as well as outlining the role of market research.
The pharmaceutical product lifecycle
Development stages are critical in the lifecycle of a pharmaceutical product as they include testing to see whether the drug in question is efficacious and safe.  The pharmaceutical company will then move on to working out the correct dosages, side-effect management and tolerability of the drug.
Various stakeholders are involved through the lifecycle of a pharmaceutical compound. These include the regulatory authorities and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) who are particularly important in the pre-launch and latter development stages.
The role of market research
Market research is undertaken to find out what customers want so that a product can be successfully provided for them.  Insufficient market research can have major negative financial and reputational implications for a company.

Positioning & Messaging
Convenor: Alexander Rummel, Managing Director, Aurum Research 14 January 2020

This webinar will focus on:

  • Rationale for brand building in pharma - positioning and developing messages for healthcare products
  • Fundamental differences between positioning and messaging and consequences for designing market research
  • Testing positioning and messaging in the product life cycle and methods
  • Business cases: Good and bad practice for positioning and message research
Projective Techniques
An-Hwa Lee
Research Partnership

4 February 2020

Exploratory, qualitative studies give deeper insights into respondents’ feelings and an understanding of the market issues.  Qualitative approaches are also a suitable methodology if you want respondents to be creative and input into the development of your product. This webinar will provide a greater understanding of

  • the principles behind projective questioning techniques
  • some specific projective techniques available to researchers
  • how these can be applied to the researcher’s daily role
  • the benefit to the client/ benefit in answering the client objectives.

 Speaker: Emilie Braund, Associate Director, Research Partnership

Patient Research : Fieldwork
Marcel Slavenburg
Senior Director, SKIM
26 May 2020