Calander Icon23 April 2020
Calander IconStart time: 1:30 PM UK Time

Event description

This webinar will project you into the world of the segmentation. To set up the context, we will see what a segmentation research is. Then, we will discuss the different reason to segment your market. And, ultimately, we will detail the key steps of a successful segmentation to bring it to life for marketers and sales teams.


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Chetan Taylor

Brand Scientist - Branding Science
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Sonia Benchiker

EU Quant Director - Branding Science


Specifically we will cover:

  • What is a segmentation?
  • Why do we segment?
  • What are the different types of Market Segmentation?How to engage stakeholders to ensure buy-in throughout the process (with workshops)
  • How to create a successful segmentation?Use behavioral data to better understand stakeholders
  • Bring the segments to life for marketers and sale teams, making them real people rather than abstract descriptions