Calander Icon26 April 2022
Calander IconStart time: 9.00 am

Event description

It’s great to announce the 2022 UK Chapter meeting which will be held as an in-person meeting in London on Tuesday 26 or Wednesday 27 April.

Our Convenors for the 2022 UK Chapter meeting will be:

Anna Garofalo, Janssen

John Grime, Strategic North

Gayle Hughes, Pfizer

Alex Marriott, Cello Health

Submit here:

Our meeting will focus on “The future for MR is bright - how market research is adapting to a rapidly changing landscape.” We would therefore like to receive papers focussing on: 

These are only our initial thoughts - we want you to be inspired to develop your own ideas which reflect the new world of business analysis. We welcome suggestions for other topics – so don’t feel you have to keep to the list we have included here!


It is great to have variety in our conference in terms of presentation formats and so feel free to suggest whether your submission would work best as a:


Number of Speakers

EPHMRA accepts 2 speakers per presentation submission, panels and debates can of course feature more speakers. All speakers must feature on the submission form.

Speaker Registration Fee

 Important Note:  Speakers from industry companies are entitled to a free conference registration.  For all other speakers, EPHMRA is unable to waive the conference registration fee or fund any associated travel or personal expenses. Speakers need to register themselves for the event.

At the event papers will:

You will receive more details in the Speaker Guidelines which we will email to those who are successful as securing a speaking slot.


A successful paper is:

It is assumed that all presenters have ensured that permission has been obtained from clients or other third parties to present the information (this includes, music, drawings, visuals etc.) contained in the paper and/or the final presentation. The presenters will indemnify EPHMRA and will ensure that EPHMRA is not held liable for any claims from clients or other third parties incurred by the author’s failure to obtain permission to use information. The authors should also be sure there is no infringement upon the copyright, right of use or any other right of intellectual property under any circumstances.

PLEASE ENSURE: You give a clear and detailed picture of the intended full paper to enable judgement of the quality of the final presentation output. Outline the main argument to be put forward, describe the case study and/ or data which will be used to support the argument, present the major findings or conclusions, and list any published papers which will be referred to.

State clearly the key take-away messages from your paper – what will the audience be able to do differently when back in the office.

Submit your speaking ideas online by 2 November 2021.

A receipt should be received by email within 2 working days - if not then please contact EPHMRA to check if the document has been received - this is very important as each year at least one submission is not received by EPHMRA.

If you are submitting supporting files, then please ensure that you indicate on your submission (and in your email) what you are proposing to send, so that we can be sure to tie up your submission.


The submissions are all formatted and then evaluated by the meeting convenors and in November we will contact you about the Convenors decision.

The outcomes can be:

  1. Acceptance onto the programme without revisions
  2. Acceptance onto the programme with revisions
  3. Your submission is not able to be accepted onto the programme, with some guidance on why this decision was reached.

In the meantime, please do contact us with any queries [email protected] or [email protected]