Calander Icon03 May 2018
Calander IconStart time: 13.30 UK time

Event description

Webinar Combining market research and real world data analysis for enhanced insights

Webinar: Thursday 3rd May at 13.30 - 14.30 UK time

Speakers: Ed Drage, Principal and Sarah Phillips, Senior Principal IQVIA

Convenors from the LDC:

Jayne Shufflebotham, Senior Manager, Brand Management Accelerator Team, IQVIA and Chetan Taylor, Research Manager, Branding Science

From the webinar attendees will..

*             Understand the application of real world data in answered critical business questions in the pharmaceutical industry

*             Be clear on the benefits and challenges associated with this type of data

*             Understand how and where real world data when combined with market research can create more powerful insights

The webinar is aimed at business intelligence professionals who have a good understanding of the types of business issues for which research (either market research or RWD) is required.

The webinar is available to members only and please register here:

If you register and your company is not a member of EphMRA the webinar will not be available to you sorry.