Calander Icon24 September 2019
Calander IconStart time: The meeting will start around 10.00

Event description

Following feedback from delegates, the meeting will last longer than the previous 2 meetings, giving attendees greater opportunity for networking and listening to high quality papers on subjects of high interest to both industry and agency colleagues.  We will be asking for papers very soon for the meeting, so watch this space for news on the types of papers we are looking for, which we hope will make the meeting a memorable and insightful event in your diary.

The convenors for the meeting are:

Letizia Leprini, Bayer

Fenna Gloggner, HRW

Angela Duffy, Research Partnership


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Letizia Leprini

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Fenna Gloggner

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Angela Duffy

Research Partnership


EphMRA Switzerland Meeting – Zurich 24th September 2019

EphMRA is delighted to be holding its 3rd meeting in Switzerland for members and non-members to hear some inspirational papers and network with colleagues from both pharma and agencies. 

The meeting will  be held in Zurich, as this is an easy venue to reach within Switzerland and abroad.  The meeting will start at 10.00 and the venue will be confirmed soon.

We are now looking for speakers to enable EphMRA to deliver a meeting which will resonate with colleagues from both pharma and agencies, so we are inviting colleagues to send in their ideas!

Papers we are looking for

We are all aware that AI and Digital Analytics are both highly important and are having a significant impact on our industry, whether you work on the pharma or agency side and we would like to invite submissions which will cover a broad range of topics within both AI and Digital Analytics.  We are looking for papers which will demonstrate the use of Digital Analytics and AI within the market research space and we would particularly like to hear case studies of successful (or not so successful!) projects.

Our initial thoughts are that we’d like papers on some of the following, but these are only our initial thoughts.  If you have other papers which fit within these 2 areas, we’d love to hear from you.

·         Best of both: integrating digital analytics and market research approaches for more impactful outcomes

·         What are the key challenges facing pharma in respect of digital, and how can these be countered?

·         Are digital analystics changing traditional market research? What changes will we need to respond to, and how? What changes can we drive?

·         Analytics in the era of increased data privacy: maximising opportunity and mitigating risk

·         Adapting market research approaches for digital data sets

·         Digital analytics across the pharma lifecycle

·         Getting started in digital analytics: five tips for researchers

·         AI – how is it being used in pharma market research


Please submit your ideas using the submission form on the website by Wednesday 19th June in order for the convening group to review the submissions by the end of June. You will be contacted at the end of June with the outcome of this review. 

Fees to attend – delegates and speakers

There will be a fee to attend the meeting for both pharma and agency colleagues.  Non-members of EphMRA will pay a higher registration fee.[FG1] 

Speakers from member companies will be expected to register and pay to attend the meeting to help cover costs and this will be at the member rate.  Non member speakers will be required to pay the non-member fee to speak and attend the meeting.

 [FG1]Since this is about a call for papers, could this be moved further down? And would it be enough to say that ‘the attendance fee will be x’? 

The Venue

The meeting will start around 10.00 and will be held at:

Hyperion Hotel
Messeplatz 12
CH-4058 Basel


Hyperion Hotel
Messeplatz 12
CH-4058 Basel

T: +41615604000
E: [email protected]