Name Company
Georgina Butcher Astellas Pharma Europe, UK - Chair
Matteo Capai Ipsos Healthcare
Roni DasGupta M3 Global Research, USA
Bettina Brust GO Research, Germany
Mattias Blomgren Janssen, Sweden
Christine Mai AplusA Research, France
Piergiorgio Rossi SGR International, Italy
Jessica Santos Kantar Health, UK
Xander Raijmakers Eli Lilly, Netherlands
Sarah May Hall/Analia Revaux Zeste Research, France
Jayne Blanshard F Hoffmann La Roche (Basel)
Kate Barber F Hoffmann La Roche (UK)
Anne Beatrice Clidassou Merck

The Ethics Committee is supported by: Catherine Ayland, Ethics Consultant as well as Bernadette Rogers, General Manager.

The Committee steers and develops the Code to meet members needs and ensure the Codes is in line with data protection and privacy laws. We also work with other organisations to maintain alignment and synergy.

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