Georgina Cooper & Soumya Roy from Basis Health have won the award for their outstanding paper at the conference entitled The Future of Research Debriefs – Immersive, story-led outputs that inspire action, so we wish to congratulate them both on winning this highly prestigious award.  As new members of EphMRA we are delighted that their paper was so well received by delegates at the conference.  We look forward to more inspired papers over the next few years!

It was a very closely fought contest for 2nd and 3rd place, but EphMRA is also very pleased to announce that the runners up are Simon Ball from Celgene and Pamela Walker from Incite Consulting for their paper entitled Implicit insight into prescribing in relapsed refractory Multiple Myeloma. Congratulations to Simon and Pamela on being voted in 2nd place for the JH Award.

The 3rd place was won by Sam Hope from Blueprint Partnership and Lea Kalweit from Bayer for their paper entitled Rising to the challenge. Congratulations Sam and Lea on this achievement.

All eligible papers were judged by members of the Programme Committee, who attended all the sessions and used a strict set of criteria to evaluate each paper.  These criteria covered the delivery of the presentation itself; the overall value provided by the paper to delegates and an overall score for the presentation.  In addition, delegates were asked to rate papers they attended and these scores, along with the post conference evaluations and the judges evaluations were all amalgamated to reach the final decision. So, the judging process is very rigorous and robust! 

There were 11 papers eligible for the JH Award in 2019 - that is, papers which were presented by speakers which had gone through a rigorous selection process by the Programme Committee in the Autumn 2018 and Spring 2019.