EphMRA colleagues are engaged in a huge range of healthcare market research initiatives, studies and projects and the Board wants to take this opportunity to learn more and to enable members to show case their expertise.

It’s time to start organising your submission for the EphMRA Awards - these are outlined below and open to all (including members and non members). 
Winners will be announced in April 2020. 
The winning papers are offered the opportunity to present at the June 2020 Conference (but this is optional).

You can read more here in the Award summary pdf.

1. Making a Business Impact
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This award is for a market research project that has made an impact on the business. It will showcase how, through the project design, implementation and insights generated you have made a difference. Please do highlight in your submission where the company’s business has modified and improved its strategy and/or how the project made an impact and helped the client company move its business forward. 
This Award would ideally suit a joint submission – agency/industry.

2. Innovative Approach

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Your submission should demonstrate an aspect of a project that was done differently – there was something innovative included or the approach was more cutting edge. We’d like to hear about studies where you have tried new approaches – it may have been successful/partly successful – so tell us what worked/what  didn’t work and what you have learnt from this.

3. Future Leaders - Case Study Award

If you’ve been working in healthcare market research for 5 years or less we are looking for your submission which focuses on an MR project you have played a major role in. In your submission please outline the project, its objectives, and what you learnt in terms of your own professional development from being involved in this project.
Winners will receive a certificate and memento award and will also be offered the (optional) opportunity to present at the 2020 Conference.

How to submit:

Award submissions should be in the form of a poster outline or a total of 5 Powerpoint slides.
Your submission should be organised around the following headings:
TECHNIQUES (highlighting any new or different approaches taken)

Please add in one extra slide giving: submission title, the name of those making the submission (max 2 people) and their company names, job titles and contact email addresses.
You can send EphMRA a Word document, PDF, JPEG or Powerpoint file.

After the submission deadine we will arrange a telecon in which you will make a 5 minute pitch to the Judging Panel, to verbally illuminate your poster points.

All awards will be judged according to these criteria:

1. Clarity of the message conveyed
2. How well the message was presented and conveyed
3. How engaging will the message be
4. How new and innovative is the approach outlined

Added value provided by the presentation
5. What is the level of the business impact resulting from the study
6. The paper provided clear and tangible takeaway messages

EphMRA has formed a Steering Panel for the Awards:


This Panel has defined the Awards structure and the judging criteria and where appropriate will help judge the submissions.

Who will judge the Award submissions?

Members will be approached to help judge the Award submissions so that they are assessed independently and by colleagues with a range of experience.

Any questions? Please do get in touch and send your submission to [email protected] by 28th February 2020


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