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Fine Research assisting hurricane victims

19th December 2016


Following the call of humanitarian organizations, FINE, the Latin American fielding agency with the collaboration of Confirmit and Reckner Healthcare in the US, launched an initiative to help in the emergency.

Within a couple of weeks, we surveyed physicians from Canada to Argentina, about preparedness of these countries for a natural disaster.

As a reward for their opinions for each complete a donation was given, and we could raise the equivalent of 2870 blankets and a drums of water to the victims of Matthew, through Save The Children mission in Haiti.

Some of the findings show

- According to their fellow doctors, no country is well prepared to face a natural disaster.

- While Chileans, American and Canadians are slightly less negative about their own capabilities, Mexicans rate in the middle, and Brazilians and Argentinians are the most pessimistic.

- Consistently with this regional perception, a majority of physicians surveyed in each country have not received any specific training to couple with natural disaster events and also most hospital doctors in every country stated no such training has been held at their workplace.

RULES BEFORE BUDGETS! If we have to consider the recommendation of these healthcare workers for future public policy, priorities shall be focused in creating well defined protocols (for early warning, evacuation from risk areas and victim treatment through a well-structured healthcare system). 
This was rated as much more important than investing in shelters or infrastructure.

As one insightful Colombian doctor put it "the disaster is not natural, is organizational!"

We hope these recommendations can be taken by policy makers to be best prepared for future events. For free access to the full report you can write to Diego Casaravilla,

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