Calander Icon27 February 2019
Calander IconStart time: 10am (UK Time)

Event description

Join us for a one day meeting in the heart of London to hear great papers and network with colleagues. We are returning to the same venue as for the past 2 years:

30 Euston Square, London NW1


The meeting will be convened by:

Alex Marriott, Cello Health

Gayle Hughes, Pfizer

Anna Garofalo, Janssen EMEA Market Research Centre of Excellence

John Grime, Strategic North

EphMRA is looking for contributions to the day that will resonate with colleagues working in healthcare business analysis/market research.   The focus of the meeting will be on 3 areas of great interest to the industry currently and we would welcome your ideas on any of these topics:

1. Artificial intelligence and its impact on MR/BI
The role that robots and technology will play in the future, and how advances may transform industry and AI will certainly make a bigger impact on MR. David Sackman, CEO of Lieberman Research Worldwide, predicts that AI will transform many aspects of research, including survey and questionnaire development, field management, big data analytics and advanced computing power. Along with the rise of AI, data scientists will play a bigger role in the industry as companies look to synthesise different consumer and marketing data streams to better understand customers.  Will increasing automation mean faster research and what are the implications for our industry?  Will the rise of automation result in an increase in qualitative research, in order to give greater context to more automated quant research?

Papers showing case studies relating to AI and its impact on MR/BI welcomed.


2. Agility in research – is this the new order or does haste make waste?

The topic of most interest for papers regarding agility in research is regarding new methodologies that streamline and speed up the research process.

3.    Neuroscience 

Brands have woken up to the notion that humans are emotional creatures and that our System1 thinking dominates much of our decision-making. Techniques such as Eye-tracking and other non-verbal research tools have been on the increase in recent years and this trend is likely to continue.  Papers demonstrating how neuroscience is being used in MR/BI to enhance insights would be encouraged.

Please use this submission form to send us your ideas.

The deadline for submissions is Friday 23 November, so don't miss out on this great opportunity to speak at, what we expect to again be, a highly popular meeting!


Speakers & Conveners

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Gayle Hughes - Convenor

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Alex Marriott

Cello Health
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John Grime

Strategic North
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Anna Garofalo

EMEA Market Research Centre of Excellence, Janssen

The Venue

30 Euston Square is a Grade II* listed award winning events venue, in a perfect central London location. Following a significant investment and refurbishment programme, we opened our doors as an event venue in February 2013.


30 Euston Square
United Kingdom

T: 020 8453 4600