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Code of Conduct

Key Research Stages - After Fieldwork

Q. Publishing Market Research

13.9 The client should not publish any of the results of the survey without the approval of the agency unless otherwise agreed in advance.

In Spain, market research studies not published in renowned scientific/medical publications (i.e. NEJM, Lancet, etc.), cannot be used as references for prescription medicines promotional materials.

In Turkey, the AIFD Code of Good Promotional Practice and Good Communication 2015 5.2, states that the use of IMS grid sales data in promotion does not conform to the Code.


Researchers should check any client-prepared materials prior to publication to ensure that the research results are not misleading.


Full details of the source should be referenced, and material included must not breach copyright.


In the USA, CASRO and MRA members are obliged to disclose the:

  • Sponsor of the study
  • Description of the study’s purpose
  • Name of the research organisation conducting the study
  • Method of data collection
  • Date(s) of data collection
  • Sampling frame, method and size
  • Exact wording of the questions
  • Calculated margin of error for quantitative studies

CASRO Code of Standards and Ethics for Survey Research, 

In the Netherlands MOA affiliated researchers commit themselves to sending out a research framework, when sending out press releases intended to publish research findings.  The request is made to both the external media, and to the internal press services, to add the framework at the bottom of the article.  


If research is misreported by a client, the researcher should as soon as possible:

  • Refuse consent for their name to be used in connection with the misreported published findings.
  • Publish a statement that the results have been misreported and correct the misreporting.


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